Watering Notice for Eastend

The reminders have gone out but we know everyone doesn't check their mail regularly.

As you should be aware, the old water treatment plant is nearing its expiry date and the search continues for other sources of fresh water for our community. So the strain on our ancient water treatment plant is pretty severe at this time and the town has put restrictions in place so we don't overload the plant and cause an early expiration or breakdown of that system. So there is absolutely no watering allowed between the hours of 12pm-5pm every day.

The designated watering days are always in effect. Tuesday, Friday and Sunday are for houses West of Maple Avenue. Monday, Thursday and Saturday are for residents East of Maple Avenue.

No one waters on Wednesdays!


Saturday Softball

Last weekend was a bevy of ball games as the kids played all day and the grown up teams the Cardinals played the Elks at the Eastend ball diamond. With a few Eastend boys playing for the Cardinals, all of our cheers were for them. I have a few photos from that game and lots from the kids game because it was played first and I ran out of memory on my camera.


Your regular activity choice

You know it's true that an active body can help keep an active mind and both of those are vital as we all age. So remember that in Eastend you have options for getting you out and active. There's Pickleball on Tuesdays at the school gym at 7pm. On Wednesdays you have afternoon and evening events with shuffleboard at 2 and bingo at 7:30pm at the Activity Centre and Thursdays it's cards at 7:30pm at the Activity Centre. And that's just to name a few, there's making pottery with Nic, quilting with Shannon, and so on. Just a reminder for anyone looking for something to get you out and about.


Concert This Friday in Frontier

If you love the authentic experience you get with live music then Frontier Hall this Friday at 7 is where you want to be. Scott Woods and his band are putting on a concert just for you. Check the ad inside for contact details for tickets.