A Night of Heroes

Last Friday a fire tore through Sam Gordon's place and nearly took two lives with it but for the serendipitous intervention of heroic neighbors, Stephanie and Harreson (and the Eastend Volunteer Fire Department). Or to quote Harreson, "It was pure dumb luck that Stephanie looked out the window at that moment." That moment was 10 o'clock on Friday night and Stephanie was closing the curtain about to go to bed when she spied 2 large flames coming out of the roof of Sam's house. She jumped into action alerting husband, Harreson before calling 911.  Stephanie ran across to a neighbors house hoping to get the fire department notified directly over text messages while Harreson went to investigate. As soon as he realized what he was seeing , Harreson knew he needed to act quickly. He ran over and banged on the door then went in and found the place was filled with smoke. He yelled out the whole time but no response came. He went upstairs but found no one. Harreson headed downstairs to find Barry helping Sam to get to onto the stairs. After attempting to aide the men in ascending the stairs, Sam was having trouble, Harreson was forced to go outside for fresh air before resuming the rescue. By the time Harreson got back Barry had got Sam halfway up the stairs and Harreson ran down and met them. With both men helping, Harreson finished getting Sam outside and onto the lawn and Barry went back down for his hat. By the time Stephanie came around the front of the house Harreson was pulling Sam onto the lawn and the fire crews arrived shortly after. The volunteer fire department crew was so great they took care of the fire and even helped save some of the family belongings before the smoke and fire got to them. Any story about a house fire that ends with everyone coming out "ok" is a great story, in my book. So well done Barry, Stephanie, Harreson and the fire department for all you did that night to get everyone to safety.


Missoula Children's Theatre Success -Thanks to Evelyn and Heidi for the photos and write-up info on this year's Missoula Theatre inside. Looks like "Robin Hood" was a lot of fun.


Vet Clinic Tomorrow  Get your pet shots at the Town Shop. 1pm-4pm


Next Week's Echo Printing Wednesday  The paper is printing a day late next week due to a 60th Birthday (not mine).


Irrigation Golf Tournament This Saturday You like golf? You like irrigation? Well you're in luck....


Terry Fox Next Monday/Pine Cree Wing Night Postoned  Opportunity ran out for Pine Cree Wing Night in 2018 so it's postponed until next year. Terry Fox BBQ going ahead as planned next Monday at the Town square.