Crew Filming In Eastend & Area The film " Cold Wind Blowing" has been filming in Eastend and surrounding areas for the past few weeks and Colton from the production crew reached out to us and wanted to give a shout out and say "Thanks" to everyone for hosting them during their stay. Special mention to our own Gwen Basso as proud grandmother of Dionne Copland who is making the film. School Christmas Concert Thursday See yourself to the Memorial Hall at 7pm on Thursday where there is always a good laugh to be had by the Eastend School kids and their enthusiastic performances of songs and skits and maybe even touch your heart. Aw. Sayonara 2017 Thank You to everyone who made it a great year, to my advertisers who make this paper possible, to the great community folks who have submitted articles or pointed me towards a story or anyone who sent a letter to the editor and reported on all the events from the Rally In the Valley, to the golf tournaments, to the fireworks at Light Up The Valley. You are the reason I can keep doing this. The sale of "Hidden Valley Foods" to Eddie and Jennie, "Madhatters" shuttering business after 30 years, and the arrival of Kranky's signify a big change in the faces that have long represented cornerstones of business in this town. But I just know everyone will do fine in their new roles and Larry can write that next, great Canadian novel about a guy who sold flowers and booze by day and solved crimes by night. With the drilling happening right now for our new water source, it won't be long before the right place is tapped and we'll have fresh, clean tasting water. It won't require as much chemical additive to get our water to drinking standards as compared to now. So in that respect 2018 is already looking pretty bright. Everyone have a good holiday season and here's to our mutual good fortunes in 2018. See you soon.