Happy Victoria Day Weekend

Monday, May 21  is Victoria Day when all of Canada will celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria. It is technically the Monday prior to May 25 even though her birthdate was actually the 24th of May. Nonetheless, Canadians everywhere will celebrate the beginning of "beer season" along with other warm weather activities.

Be sure to check with your local businesses for their Holiday weekend operating hours.


T.Rex Discovery Centre Opens May 19th

Get ready for another Summer season of razor claws and enormous jaws as Dr.Bamforth and company will open the doors to the public this Saturday, May 19th. Admission is by donation and the exhibits are constantly changing and being updated


Eastend Historical Museum Opens Sunday

There'll be free pie and coffee with live music to celebrate the opening of the Eastend Museum season at the Benison building on Sunday, May 20th. Come say "Hi".


Congratulations Eastend For SEDA Award Win

Last week I ran a letter from Rosa at the Town of Eastend office which was a great summary of the kinds of things happening from the Town Office and the results we see from them. If you missed it, I urge you to find a copy as so much is packed into each of those achievements that one might forget that each of those listed were amazing in themselves. Just one example is Provincial winner of Community in Blooms with special a mention of our marketing of Eastend with “Discover a sanctuary for all your senses… Discover Eastend, Saskatchewan” .The printed promotional material  really sets Eastend up for success as it delivers fresh "eyeballs" as they say to our town and attracts more visitors to help our businesses and keep our community growing. I just wanted to make a special mention of something in last weeks letter, it's the latest of our town achievements which is our winning of the Provincial award from SEDA (the Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance)  for Economic Development. Economic development makes the difference between life and death for towns big or small and it's especially vital for remote rural towns like ours to have a healthy local economy.

The painful coming closure of our Rexall still has not fully hit yet and I think of the elderly or disadvantaged who may have been barely making it and on the borderline with the Rexall being just down the street and how hard it will be for those folks to adjust. It really hits starts to hit home. For the sake of future generations who we wish to grow up in a beautiful town like Eastend, lets support those local businesses and applaud the efforts of the businesses, individuals, service clubs and groups that make Eastend greater.