Phase Two -Opening Up Plan

This week was the implementation of Phase Two of the Province opening up. The initial lock down was implemented to "flatten the curve", meaning the flattening of the curve on infection rates. This was to protect the health care system from being overwhelmed by infectious patients and thus collapsing. So far we, especially in Saskatchewan, have done a fantastic job of keeping the spread down. Now will become the challenging part. People are antsy. The weather is turning warmer and blue skies are prevalent. We are creatures of habit, and right about now all of our collective years of experience tell us what we should be doing right now preparing for Summer. That's the hard part, in my mind, anyway. It was relatively easier to adhere to isolation and minimal travel when the weather was the pits. Not as easy when the fishing boat beckons but your fishing spot is in Alberta. Or your Grand kids outside of Saskatchewan that you are used to visiting every Summer phone you and ask when you're coming. As of yet intra-Provincial travel is still restricted, hence those activities are not allowed.

It's great that businesses can open, and people can get back to earning money to pay the bills. It's unfortunate that for the foreseeable future, we won't have the freedom to just enjoy the best things about the warm months like we have before 2020. Even if you could convince yourself that the COVID-19 virus is a hoax (it is not/don't) and you're going to live your life exactly as before, the people around you may not be so inclined to ignore distancing and simple preventative measures should one choose to flout them. It's not all doom and gloom, we will all adjust to that normality when it settles in, but it stinks on toast to have to endure it. We'll all be telling kids born post-COVID-19 that they don't know good we had it, travelling on a whim, going to gigantic stadiums for concerts or sporting events without having to even think about how closely we were packed in with strangers, not fearing closed-quarters mingling on public transportation.

Of course, I'll be overjoyed as all of you will when they find a cure or vaccine for this son-of-a-gun virus. But we'll still retain the memory of everything we endured and the primal fear that another disease could be along after we cured this one.  So stay strong and healthy, and remember to stay vigilant. It's important now more than ever.


Pine Cree Park Opening June 1

Spread the word, Pine Cree Park will be opening on June 1 with restrictions in place. Social distancing guidelines must be followed. Also very important is the fact that the toilets will be closed and there will be none in use for campers. Your camper unit must have a self-contained toilet unit in order to enter Pine Cree beginning June 1.