We're "back"

Even though we didn't miss any Echo printings, we are now out of quarantine and back with a fresh edition.

We have photos inside from our report on Budapest from 2 weeks ago. Next week will be a report and photos on Istanbul.

The whole world is still dealing with COVID 19 . I want to thank those essential services bravely serving the public. It is vital that we protect these folks with every precaution, our grocers , medical staff, etc.

Everyone will be so sick of hearing about what precautions you should take, but it's necessary until it becomes second nature.

Instead of repeating myself and droning, I'll just post this from the website: 19

For the latest official information on Covid 19


Canada Emergency Response Benefit

PM Trudeau announced that beginning this week, you can apply for the Emergency Response Benefit if you've lost your income due to COVID-19.

You can apply for up to $2000 a month for four months at this address

Applications are staggered by birth month as follows:

January/Feb/March - Mondays

April/May/June - Tuesdays

July/August/September - Wednesdays


Any Month - Friday/Saturday/Sundays