Remember this was Eastend last week? Stephanie sent us this photo to help illustrate just how bad we got hit by snow on that Sunday. All this week our temps are set to rise until Saturday's high of 20 degrees. Summer is soon on it's way to us.


SW raises big for 21st Annual Eastend MS WALK

This year was a another great achievement for the southwest of Saskatchewan as Bonnie Gleim organized another smashing MS Walk on Sunday. There was no car wash this year due to the cold weather but that did not damper efforts by all the MS fighters across the south west to bring in a stellar amount of donations once again. It was a combination of efforts that netted this year's Walk an amazing $24,248. There were 37 Walkers who all raised their own donations through pledge sheets, the MS BBQ held last week which netted about $1000 and the beautiful denim quilt made by Jeanne Halstead which was raffled and all the earnings put toward a donation to the Walk. The Sun was shining and most of the snow had melted before Bill Arendt and Travis Wills of the Eastend Fire Department showed up to lead off the Walk and make sure this special Walk in memory of John Henrion all went safely. It was fortunate the Sun was shining for the long journey made by Mark Van Haastert and his kids who travelled all the way from Tisdale to attend this first Walk for the family, and for all of the Henrion family who were there to pay tribute to John, who passed away this year. After the tallies done and total raised announced, off they went to Walk. Upon returning, everyone was rewarded with hot dogs donated by the Kinsmen and delicious food provided by friends/family.


Landfill on Summer Hours

The Landfill has now changed to Summer hours which means you weekend workers can now dispose of your detritus on Saturday and not have to get there during the week.


Mother's Day Sunday

Most people have had a Mother at some point in their lives, don't forget to take special care of yours this Sunday and show her what she means to you. Buy her flowers, buy her dinner, take her out, just find some way to show her you appreciate her.!


Echo will not be printing the week of May 14th.

This is your reminder that our next issue will be printing in two weeks on May  21 unless I am delayed returning from my trip, in which case it could be Wednesday.