\Joan Hodgins Makes Headlines

Eastend's own Joan Hodgins has made National and International headlines lately with work that she did in 1973 in the Yukon. If you've read headlines lately or seen news casts about ancient rhinoceros and turtles in the Yukon, that is all due to the discoveries Joan Hodgins made while a teacher there. Being familiar with fossils, she recognized something peculiar about what she found when collecting fossils that day. The fossils were stored away until about 2 years ago when they were sent to the University of Colorado where further study revealed what we now know. This is an amazing find and a proud moment for us all. We hope to hear a detailed report from Joan herself after she has returned home. Local T.rex expert Tim Tokaryk had this to say about the news:


" This recent report on a small collection of fossils from the Yukon is a testament to the intense and breadth of curiosity Joan has exhibited most of her life. Her enjoyment in learning has been a rarified life long journey which we’ve all benefited from.


Paleontologist Tim Tokaryk "


Fowl Supper Success

With dinners and takeout equaling about 400, it was a busy night on Sunday at the Memorial Hall. All told roughly $6000 was raised towards upkeep of the Hall and Tearoom. It was wonderful seeing so many including our friends from surrounding communities. We have a few photos from the evening inside.


Remembrance Day at Eastend School

Eastend School is having their Remembrance Day program this Thursday, November 7 at 1:30pm in the school gym. Everyone is welcome.


Halloween Day Hockey -World Under 17 game held in Shaunavon

Our neighbours in Shaunavon hosted a victorious Canada vs. Finland for the game. Canada won 2-1 and player of the game was #9 local Jayden Grubbe, grandson of Ed and Bonnie. A proud moment for all of Eastend.