Meet the Candidates Thursday Today is the final day to drop your questions for the candidates off at the Town office. The "Meet the candidates" event is to be held at the Tea Room beginning at 7pm on Thursday, October 20th. Remember, an informed voter is a prepared voter. Investors Night Comedy Tour report It was a fairly balmy/mostly dry evening last night as the crowd made its way to the Hall for another great Investor's Group Comedy Night. The Eastend Kinsmen volunteered their excellent bartending services for the evening with donation boxes making a silent plea for our mercy. The crowd was ready for laughs this night (not like last year's day-after-theelection smile-fest that began comedian Pete Zedlacher's worst nightmare), Jim McNally came out and started strong and he kept up the energy and momentum until he said "good night" to my surprise "Already? So Soon?". I'm sure it must be tough for comedians to come out to such personal venues that don't have ambient sounds of drinks, dinners and conversations to give life to a room, and to take a totally cold crowd, warm them up and win them over in the short span of one set can shake anyone's cool. Comedian Jim McNally was very affable and effective with his vocal instrument, telling stories and laying down punch lines with artistry and without a misstep. Well there was that moment that Ed Grubbe caught him of guard just a little with the word "moped" but Mr.McNally turned it all into a great bit. Scott Morvik oflnvestor's Group and the host of the evening declared his confidence that we should easily exceed in donations what our friends in Swift Current collected on their Comedy Night, donations which would go towards the Eastend Rink Complex. And so Investor's Group and Scott Morvik, job well done again. Photos Inside Library Week The week of Oct. 17th is Library Week. Come and join us at Eastend Library on Thursday, Oct. 20th at 10:00 for muffins and coffee! There will be a presentation on "Cultured Foods". Tea & Fossils Saturday At the T.rex Centre starting at 2pm this Saturday, work with real fossils and drink real tea!!