Eastend Museum Kids Activities

This year the Eastend Farmer's Market has changed to Thursdays starting at 4:30pm. The Eastend Historical Museum is having kids activities this year that coincide with the 4:30 time and at the same location. What a great idea to offer creative stimulation that results in a finished piece that children can take home. It's a great redirection of energy for kids from any stressful effects of the world situation.

The next workshop will be  "Humming Birds and Suncatchers" this week at 4:30 in the Town Square.


On Monday at 5pm  there's a Drum Circle with Trea. You don't need to bring a drum, but there are only 10 spaces available.

You can beat your brains out at the Town Square on August 10th.


On Wednesday August 12th it's "Draw your Inner Dinosaur" at the town square.


Jacks Celebrating 100 years

Jack's Cafe opened their doors in 1920 and a hundred years later is still going strong. We're going to review the history of Jack's Cafe next week, but we have a special note from Noel and Edna in honour of this occasion.


John Schmitt Stumps for White Mud

John has written a fascinating account of his personal history with regards to the "Frenchman" River/Valley. He initially shared this idea on Facebook, and one thing led to another and you'll find it here on the printed page. When I read it I thought he made a solid case. Will there be a history buff who finds the key to the mystery, or will the truth be lost to time? Is there a nascent movement being created to get official recognition of the White Mud nomenclature?


Hall and Tea Room 50% Off

Just a reminder that although social distancing rules have been mandated by the Province, you can now book the Hall and Tea room for a cool 50% off until October. That discount applies only to the rental fee, not to the cleanup fee. And of course there is no more alcohol fee, you just need to arrange your own liquor permit.


Alleykatz Fund raiser

We have a special insert for the Alleykatz "Lunch to Go" fund raiser in this issue, but if it's gone when you get your copy of the Echo you should know to contact Alleykatz at 295-3669 to find out more. Orders are due August 14th.