Little Britches Rodeo This Weekend

Have you seen the beautiful new rodeo grounds yet? Even though it seems to me like it just started, Summer is working it's way towards the exit door soon. Why not check out the rodeo while the weather is still good? There is the team roping event starting at 7pm on Saturday, or if you prefer the Little Britches rodeo starts at 11am on Sunday. There's a food booth open the whole time and admission is free to all events.


SODCAP AGM Wednesday

SODCAP stands for the South of the Divide Conservation Action Program. They're the folks who raise awareness about species and habitats at risk. The Burrowing Owl is one such species that a lot of people around here are probably aware of, but now it seems there might be a new addition to the endangered list. This Wednesday's Annual General Meeting happening at 1pm at the Memorial Hall will include a talk about the new species at risk - bats! Some people have a fear of bats but anything that eats mosquitoes gets an OK in my book. It seems the "White Nose Syndrome" that has killed millions of bats in North America already was discovered in Manitoba last year. Could it have found it's way here or is it just a matter of time? Come to the AGM to hear the latest.


Raptor Rounds Fund Raising

The good folks at Eastend's newest attraction, the Raptor Rounds Mini Golf course, have started fund raising to pay for staff next year. Sure, mini golf may not be everyone's cup of tea, but everyone loves a nice colourful flower in a unique setting. Raptor Rounds wants to raise money to hire kids to run the course next year. Let's help out and keep these kids gainfully employed! And if you have young visitors in town, don't forget to take them to the Raptor Rounds for a game or two. Kids love that mini golf, it's all the rage.


Stegner Resident Open House

It's time for us to reap the rewards that the Stegner House brings to Eastend. The Wallace Stegner House hosts artists here on a creative retreat to partake of our peace and quiet, and who in turn will give a talk, reading or showing of work to anyone who wishes to attend. Painter Dawna Rose will be giving a showing this Thursday from 4-7pm. I would recommend making the short trip over for a viewing. Even if your opinion is "I don't like it", you have at least participated in the conversation.


Smoking In The Hall

Did you know there is a $250 fine to the person who rents the Hall if there is evidence of smoking found? It's true. And it's against the law to smoke indoors . Unfortunately someone hasn't gotten the message. Whomever would do this wouldn't want their actions to cost the renter $250, I'm sure. So, good citizens, I ask you to be diligent and speak up if you see someone smoking in the Hall. You can be polite about it, but it's not right so maybe be that voice reason and manners for the person who forgets. Thank you, this has been your "Good Citizen" moment...