4th T.rex Summer Gala Friday

This year will be the Fourth year of the  Annual T.rex Gala which is a night of fun, games, food, drink, and music. The money raised at the event will go towards local causes like the Eastend Historical Museum. Every Gala I have attended has always been a very lovely evening. You should check it out. Tickets are available at Kranky's, The T.rex  Discovery Centre, or the Eastend Historical Museum.


RCMP Call Report Catch-up

Due to our hiatus in the beginning of July we have RCMP call reports from June and July inside to satisfy the curious as to just what has been transpiring in the area the past two months.


Bingo first and 3rd Wednesday at the senior centre. Come at 7

You know you want to, don't worry if your friends don't think it's hip to play bingo. It's loads of fun and so exciting when you just need one more square .. !


Counsellor's Corner

Town Counsellor Roxie Binkley gives us the lowdown on Town happenings in her latest report inside.


Current Paypal Email Scam Affecting Eastend

Don't be a victim, don't part with your money for any service or product you did not request or want. If you see anemail that looks like it comes from a trusted source but something about it looks "off", then don't click any links in the email. Lots of people are receiving emails that appear to be genuine Paypal notices of transactions for things people don't remember purchasing. If you receive such an email do not open it and try to login to your paypal, it is a fake invoice and the link to "your" paypal account will only provide the scammers access to your bank accounts which they can empty in seconds.

I know the impulse can be very strong to click links and "find out what it's about" but you can't do any such thing or you will give away your login id and password to the crooks. From there if you use the same password on other well­known websites the thieves could try something more devious and steal your identity. Often times these emails or the computer pop-ups will do their best to give you a sense of urgency to resolve some issue. If you think it is a legitimate issue you need to resolve then contact the company directly through publicly available methods such as a phone number or published email address. If that sounds like too much, then get a friend or loved one to help you resolve it but whatever you do, don't click that link!