Eastend Arts Council AGM

The Arts council AGM is this Wednesday at the Eastend Library at 7:30pm. As promised in my previous edition, we have Dean Bauche's letter from the Arts Council this week.  They're asking for your help with the Stegner House "Geography of Hope" renewal project. There is a survey being sent out to many of you in the community via email which seeks your input regarding the future of the Stegner House. I'm repeating this from last week but if you are interested in participating, send an email to  with the subject text ā€œSend survey please.ā€ The Stegner House, like Scotty the T.rex, is one of those jewels of Eastend that reaches far beyond our own borders and is known world wide.


 IG Wealth Management Fund Raiser

Everyone reading this paper knows how important it is for our town to run it's rink every year. But many might not know just how much it costs to maintain for the skating/hockey/curling season. The great people at IG Wealth Management are putting on a fund raiser this October 26th. Yes, you might have already noticed that it says that in the bottom corner of this page. But you may not be the public dinner type, you might enjoy a quiet night at home instead. Nothing wrong with that at all. If you are one of those people and want to help those kids have some of the best times of their formative years you can donate any amount towards the Rink fund at any time. If a lot of us gave small amounts, it would add up quickly. And hey, if you haven't tried it you should check out Curling this year. All ages are welcome and , how to say this, it's suitable for those of us who haven't been to a gym in a while. We will announce the initial interest meeting date soon.


Story time at the library

This Thursday at 10:30 check into the Eastend Library for Story time!


Photos from Eastend Culture Days

So a big shout out to my photographer, Kiana Kohl, for getting us the photos from Eastend Culture Days last week. Despite the snow coming in later and putting a damper on events, the workshops were well attended as was the Tea and Fossils up at the T.rex Discovery Centre.


Public Reading and Meet/Greet

Clinton Westman, 2019 winner of the Wallace Stegner Grant for the Arts is launching a new project on heritage landscapes in Southern Saskatchewan including bison reintroductions at Old Man On His Back Prairie Conservation Area and Grasslands National Park. 7:30pm Thursday, October 17 at the Library.